Moisture Technology Corporation is an organization of designers and consultants who provide total integrity of building envelopes. This includes water infiltration and air leakage through roofs, waterproofing and curtain wall assemblies.

Extensive experience in building envelopes and interior environments

interior air quality services

IAs Project Consultants, we are dedicated to protecting the interior environment of your project. We are totally committed to the pursuit of excellence and serving our clients best interests.

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Microbial investigation services

IIWe have conducted microbial studies in hotels, buildings and family residences for 25 years. We provide microbial investigations, air-quality studies, and expert witness testimony.

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design and quality assurance services

IIIOur consultants specialize in design services for roofing systems, curtain wall systems, exterior wall assemblies, thermal and vapor-flow analysis, as well as dew-point analysis.

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forensic and legal expert services

IVOur company provides a comprehensive program of administration, engineering and quality control designed to insure that construction documents are carefully followed in an accurate manner.

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